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International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Modern Management

The International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Modern Management is having ISSN XXXX-XXXX (online), quarterly international journal, being published in the months of March, June, September and December by IIARDPUB, Pune (Maharashtra), India.

The International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Modern Management (IJESMM) is online, open access, peer reviewed, periodical international journal. The seeks of the journal is to publish unique, hypothetical and functional advances in Engineering Sciences and Management that addresses Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and interdisciplinary management streams.

Author (s) can submit article, round the year, digitally by utilizing Article Submission System. The submitted article needs to be unique, scientific, innovative, superior, result driven and within the scope of the journal that will publish in upcoming volume / issue if accepted. Author (s) will get notification along with review report if article will accept by the reviewers.

The main goal of the editors is to preserve superior quality of publications. There will be an obligation to expediting the time taken for the publication of the article(s). The articles that are sent for reviews will have names of the authors removed with a view toward improving the objectivity and fairness of the review procedure. Articles concerning Engineering and Technology should not be limited just to information as well as recording of findings however, need to consist of assumptive and quantitative discussion of the outcomes.

Article (s) for the regular issue can be submitted, round the year, electronically by using Article Submission System. After the final acceptance of the article, based on the comprehensive review process as well as submission of essential documents, the article Journal front page image here will publish online promptly. However, the task of the article of specific Volume / Issue will be taken up by the new editors later; and the author will be intimated consequently. For Theme Based Special Issues, time bound special call for articles will be declared and the same will be applicable for that particular issue only. An electronic Certification will be provided by the journal to all authors after successful publication of their articles. The e-certificate will be provided on request of the authors to editor@iiard.org. The Certificate of Publication will be provided only in the name of authors.